Animals, hard times, country, oh my!

So a lot has happened since we started new farm life. Have you ever wondered what it is like to have a farm? How to raise animals? Well, look no farther I want to make a series all about the farm aspect of our life, weather it be stories, tips, tricks, or just our life.

When we first moved here we had pretty quickly bought two female goats from our new neighbor. They are staying in the HUGE indoor and outdoor chicken coop; which the goats absolutely love. My daughter wanted to pick the names,so one was called cindy, and the others name is princess. The first month they both got out of where they are staying! We have 28 acres and my older sister, and my four year old daughter, and I had to run around trying to get them. That was exciting by its self(I had to hop a barbed wire fence). Few more months go by we think everything was going good but unfortunately Cindy passed away by unknown causes. This devastated all of us, but like my mom taught my daughter its the circle of life. Few more months go by and princess passed by being attacked by a dog. So the two goats we first got are no longer with us. Before princess died we did get another goat who is a few months old we named George he is a miniature. He is the biggest sweet heart, loves cuddles, loves being held, is the biggest baby. Our chicken is still going strong, no sign of any eggs yet from her. Our plans for the near future is to buy a few more miniature goats, as well as about 8 more chickens. When I was younger actually, we had chickens and it was the best eggs and I loved having them. It will be nice to have them again and experience more farm animals.

In other news, I’m hoping my luck turns better for us for 2020 than it was for 2019. Last year was full of horrible events: relatives passings, car accident, mom going to hospital, dad begining to have seizures and finding him unconscious and being in a hospital for weeks, car breaks, other car breaks down, animals passing, bills being so high we have no money and barely making it. 2020 please bless us with positivity, love, and good health ❤


How I lost 32 pounds

Everyone who knows me, knows I constantly struggle with my weight. I have for a very long time. Always have been the bigger friend, or I couldnt keep up. During my first year of high school, I had stopped self harming; which I had done for years. It was a hard time, but I’m so thankful I stopped. Until recently I dont see that I had a problem, other people might have not noticed it either. Until now I realized I had developed an eating disorder. I dropped 40-45 pounds in the matter of months, got down to 108 pounds which for my body wasnt healthy. I wasnt sleeping, eating, or drinking. Only thing that kept me going was 2 monsters and a mountain dew a day. It wasnt healthy, I almost passed out from it. You might be wondering what this has to do with me losing 35 pounds, well I made this blog to be open and tell my life; so, thats what I’m doing. The eating disorder stopped after about a year. I was healthy, eating, and happy. Then at 17 I got pregnant. Changed my weight completely couldnt lose at all after she was born. 2 years later had another baby. Lost the weight, I was back to the weight I was with my first. Then I started suffering with a binge eating disorder, even if i waant hungry id eat, i hated myself for what I was doing, but continued. I ended up gaining 40-45 pounds in around 7 months. Off and on id lose weight, noticed I felt better then would gain it all back. I was SICK of it. So this is when the real story happens.

How I lost 32 pounds. I use to roll my eyes everyday when people would tell me drink more water. Because I hated the taste and thought it wouldnt do anything. Wrong. I started having the weight just melt off. I also made small changes like eating a cup of carbs per meal, adding more fruits/veggies, I love take out so never changed that. I also have been walking 1000 steps more, makes me at about 4000 steps which might not be alot for some people, but its a ton for me. The changes in myself ive seen since losing the weight, my anxiety is slightly better, happier, and slightly more energy. I personally havent noticed any body changed other than my knees dont hurt anymore.

So if you stuck through this, congrats you made it to the end of my crazy weight stories.

Thank you,


Im back!!! Again…

Long time no talk, again….. So much has been going on in my life, its been crazy. Lets start from where I left off. My family and I were driving to get a puppy, which we did end up getting; shes a German shepard and great pyrenees mix. We got into a car accident, no cars hit us,thank God, but we did almost total our car by hitting really bad bumps on a dirt/grass road. The GPS took us on some guys land that said it was a road, to get us to a gas station, hit the bumps hard. It was so painful and so scary. My kids were lucky they didnt have a stratch just still to this day extremely traumatised. My husband was okay just a few cuts, I had a concussion and anxiety through the rough. My mom, on the other hand, broke her back in the wreck. They said she had a blown vertebra i believe it was her L1. The stuff we saw, and felt during that time, being 3 hours from home, everyone screaming, my mom in pain, I felt like I was going to pass out, my kids and husband so scared, and not to mention the 911 operators couldnt find us and kept dropping the call. It all was so terrifying. After my mom spend a few weeks in the hospital she is home, doing so much better. Lots of home healthcare workers have been coming to our house to help out. She needs to work on walking, pain management, and a few other things, but overall lots better. After all that craziness, we finally bought our house! Been working on unpacking and making it more like home. So to say the least life has been throwing some crazy stuff at us this last month. Hoping September has some better more positive things planned for us. To start it off, tomorrow is my daughters 4th birthday. Thats right cue sappy music. My first born baby is turning 4, next year will be going to school! Oh my, where has the time gone. Shes grown into such a beautiful, smart, funny, and such a amazing mind of a human. Im so proud of her. Until next time!

Thank you,


Livies thoughts

Have you ever sold ans bought a house? Have you expirenced the flood of different emotions? Well many of us have, I for one am going through those emotions as we speak! Within the next month if all goes smoothly we will be moving two hours away from where we are living now. Some people are sad when they move, I’m not. Actually I am a little just for fact I wont see friends and family as much. But I’m beyond thrilled to move because our neighbors give me such bad anxiety by screaming and cursing at us anytime they see us(around my kids). As well as we will continue to be with my mom and dad which I love; and last but certainly not least we have more room to expand. This house will give me the chance to have a home water birth which is my dream. My other two babies we had a midwife which was an amazing experience. Just got off the phone with her, and found out shes retiring in Oct, her saying that and knowing i won’t have her for more babies makes me want to cry. She was my strength when I was panicking telling her I couldnt push or do it anymore, she was my comfort when I was scared. I hope to find that again. She gave me some tips of how to handle a unmediated birth, as well as say she was proud of who I became( had her since I was 17, im almost 22 now) and that she wishes the absolute best for me. Made me so happy to hear.

What else has been happening in my life? Hm lets see. I have recently been adding more vegetarian meals into my routine and heading that way hopefully to eventually become vegan. Doing so I can officially say I have lost 14 pounds! Still have alot more to go but its starting to become real not just an imaginary goal.


Long time no talk!

Hey guys, I am so sorry its been so long since I made a new blog! Ill just update everyone on what’s going on in my life lately! So recently my cousin(on my dads side) passed away, I didnt really know him but it is still upsetting seeing his family hurt. As well as my aunt(on my moms side) passed away this last week. Been a rough time in my household with emotions understandably running wild. Due to the circumstances its been emotional, different things involving the deaths have also been very hard. Lets see, what else has happened? I have started really increased my water intake to about 90oz. It leaves me peeing all the time lol, but to know its powering my body as well as helping me lose weight does help. I just got married! Married life basically feels the same as before not much different. Except people are starting to ask me about when I will be having a 3rd baby; which of course brings my major baby fever back. Hm maybe it will be time soon! Just got to get my body a little healthier. Well not much else has happened, thanks for reading a blog full of my rambles, even if it was boring. I will be making another blog soon, hopefully a little more interesting.

What would you guys like to read about? Memories from my childhood, birth stories, etc?

Thank you,


New Start….. Again

Have you ever set a goal, started seeing results then stop and have to start again? Yes? Thats where im at, once again. I set a goal to lose 15 pounds by my wedding day. I had lost about 10 pounds almost the minute I hit 10 pounds lost, I started eating take out, not tracking carbs, and eating tons of sugar. I’m right back to where I was and feel horrible. Self sabotaging at its finest. Fortunately there’s no time for pity, only time to move forward! Granted I am eating a ice cream sandwich right now, but hey gotta live a little. I have three huge motivations to lose weight that I stay focused on. The 1st is making sure I am the healthiest I can be so I can live a long HEALTHY life. The 2nd is to finally feel confident and happy in my own body, where I finally love my body. Lastly my 3rd motivation is my best friend of 7 years has recently been kicking butt with her healthy journey! She decided she would start running, and changing the ways she eats. Shes been doing so amazing, and has been such a motivation to me to keep pushing and reach my goals. So starting for my dinner I am right back on track, im going to eat a boiled artichoke, and home made spaghetti with a cup of noodles. After I put my kids to bed tonight I’m going to do a quick but effective workout until I am worn out. I know I wont get the results I want by May 29th, but I will reach them alot faster than not doing anything. Tomorrow is my moms birthday so I’m excited to spend the day with her. My family and I are going to be taking her to build a bear having her pick of the animal she wants and getting a voice recording of my kids saying “I love you nana”.


Little about myself

Hello, as you may or may not already know my name is Olivia, my friends and family call me Livie. I am 21 years old. I happen to have to beautiful babies, a three and a half year old girl and a one and a half year bpy, both in their crazy and amazing toddler stage. I am newly married…. Well will be at the end of this month, I have been with him for 6 years and finally decided to tie the knot(took me long enough I know!). I am starting this blog to hopefully help let my emotions out and in return help my anxiety that I have lived with for 5 years now. As well as stare stories, challenges, changes, success, and fun times that goes on with my life. Maybe our lives are similar, maybe they are completely opposite but lets find out and go through this crazy journey called life one step at a time together!